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MetaboliCity by migrod
September 30, 2009, 9:18 am
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“A vision of a city that metabolizes its resources and waste to supply its inhabitants with all the nourishment they need and more.”

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Last week’s update. by migrod
September 29, 2009, 1:35 pm
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Last week, the Archeworks team along with Christina Bronsing from ENLACE began planning on possibilities in upcoming public cultural events in the neighborhood. Events mentioned, in chronological proximity, were the Little Village Arts Fest ’09, a Pocket Parks Workday, Halloween Celebrations, and Dia De Los Santos & Day of the Dead Observations. A possibility in an Archework’s more involved role in afterschool education programs will also be explored.

Team is currently working on display for an Arts Fest exhibit.

News about ENLACE’s recent acquiring of a US Forest Service Monarch Butterfly grant of $6,000 have sparked ideas on introduction of a Monarch attracting Milkweed planting into the program of the Pocket Parks.

In other Pocket Parks process news, the Trumbull & 26th site application to Neighborspace has been approved.

Workday ideas include winterizing the existing gardens, planting bulbs, message board installations and maintenance, seed give-aways, and possible arts/craft activities.

honey co-op 001 by migrod
September 28, 2009, 10:47 am
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a tour of the chicago honey co-op reveals urban techniques for urban beekeeping and honey harvesting as well as job training for people recently out of jail, all in the old sears roebuck campus.

urban beekeeping

expert beekeper michael showing and telling

this complex also includes an urban farm full of experimental growing techniques such as vegetables growing on concrete.

concrete vegetable growing

bee pool to provide much needed water to the bees. used wine corks prevent overindulging and drowning.

bee pool

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September 25, 2009, 3:22 pm
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lv art fest 2009 flyer

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Looking back to move forward… by pocketparks
September 21, 2009, 5:04 am
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The Pocket Parks group spent the week recapping over the work that was conducted last year by Archeworks.  The efforts of last year’s group resulted in final presentations in the form of powerpoints, presentation boards, pamphlets, and a video.  Through the presentations, the background of Little Village was better understood, as well as the desires and needs of community members.  In addition, the discussion about prior work gave us a better understanding of what measures were successful, as well as what methods could be improved on this year.  The physical impacts of the group are visible in the pocket parks, a couple of which contain planters with vegetables, flower beds, benches, and artwork/signage. 

Upon getting a more thorough status of the parks, goals and deliverables were established for this year.  Seasonal tasks were created, and we are now moving towards the next steps of setting up events, programs, and making physical improvements.  It was decided that specific focus will remain on finding ways of reaching out to the community and keeping them involved throughout the improvement process.  This will potentially include community meetings, specialized charrettes, and more intensive marketing. 

The next week will begin with a meeting with Enlace that will hopefully help us enhance our task list, set feasible benchmarks, thus helping us clarify our goals further.

Fresh Eyes on Pocket Parks- 9/7/09 Site Visit by pocketparks
September 14, 2009, 5:20 pm
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The eager Archeworks pocket parks group met at Cafe Catedral in Little Village (on Labor Day weekend) to check out the 4 selected sites.  Below are notes/thoughts/comments taken on the guided tour.

Site 1: 26th St & Trumbull Ave (large parking lot)

– What can we do to activate the lot and be reflective of the liveliness taking place on the main street? (activities i.e. soccer, dancing)

– Abandoned Bus for public – potentially included in site design

Site 2: 25th St & Keeler (environmental education site)

– Privately owned land, Cesar Nuñez, Economic developer of ENLACE, expecting to build in the next 5 years

– Lot description: previous home taken down, basement filled, alley in the back could be staging area, need contractor to level soil, vegetables and plants growing in Archeworks planter boxes

– Major component: how to get local schools (private/public) and Church involved

– Safe Streets: how to connect pocket park to schools

– Closest open space located at entry of local public school facing 25th street. Small play structure off streetside.

Site 3: Perez Plaza

– Looks complete, based off of charrettes from last year there is change wanted by the community.

– Plaza is shaded with trees, memorial of war hero, colorful mural, concrete/stone chairs and tables, ENLACE office, local bakery

– How can we make the plaza more present on 26th Street?

Site 4: 27th St & Kildare (cookie factory)

– Developed pocket park (refer to June 16, 2009 post)

– Connected to old cookie factory which will potentially be developed used as an immigration office in the future.

– How do we get surrounding residents involved to care for the park and want to use integrate it as an essential part of their vibrant community? What will engage them? Community effort.

– What needs to happen: alternate welcoming fence, benches, wall art, 1 or 2 fruit trees, large message board

Pictures of site visit taken by MigRod: