Little Village Pocket Parks

Looking back to move forward… by pocketparks
September 21, 2009, 5:04 am
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The Pocket Parks group spent the week recapping over the work that was conducted last year by Archeworks.  The efforts of last year’s group resulted in final presentations in the form of powerpoints, presentation boards, pamphlets, and a video.  Through the presentations, the background of Little Village was better understood, as well as the desires and needs of community members.  In addition, the discussion about prior work gave us a better understanding of what measures were successful, as well as what methods could be improved on this year.  The physical impacts of the group are visible in the pocket parks, a couple of which contain planters with vegetables, flower beds, benches, and artwork/signage. 

Upon getting a more thorough status of the parks, goals and deliverables were established for this year.  Seasonal tasks were created, and we are now moving towards the next steps of setting up events, programs, and making physical improvements.  It was decided that specific focus will remain on finding ways of reaching out to the community and keeping them involved throughout the improvement process.  This will potentially include community meetings, specialized charrettes, and more intensive marketing. 

The next week will begin with a meeting with Enlace that will hopefully help us enhance our task list, set feasible benchmarks, thus helping us clarify our goals further.


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