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A Handbook of Community Gardening book review by pocketparks
October 15, 2009, 6:18 pm
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The book is a basic guidebook to starting a community garden.  It starts by providing a history on Community Gardens and their importance.   It provides examples of historical gardens in Europe and the United States, such as the War Gardens. 

The book continues to Part II, which discusses the basic ways to organizing a community garden.  The book gives guidelines on finding people that are interested, holding meetings, and finding the resources.   The book does not provide extremely detailed accounts or practices adapted by other gardens; rather, the ideas are more generic and not specific to different communities.  However, though much of the content is general, the Boston Urban Gardeners network is mentioned and some of their best practices are provided.  The book continues by explaining the role of the government in the process of starting a garden.

The book then begins to get into the more technical aspects of starting a garden.  It talks about site selection, site acquisition, and site design.  Furthermore, the book delves into more detailed explanations of preparing a site and talks about methods of soil testing, composting, and actual planting.    The book provides specific diagrams and examples of design elements that can be used such as fencing, shading devices, planters, etc.   Some of the schemes are outdated, but the book is good for general knowledge and some of the diagrams are useful. 

The book continues by explaining the process of maintaining a community garden and taking it further to establish food co-ops or a farmers market.  The book also gives guidelines for maintenance throughout the growing season and even gives long-term guidance on land ownership possibilities.

Overall, the book provides great general guidelines and a good overview on the components of a community garden. 

The following pages have particularly useful diagrams worth looking over:

Sun diagram: 49

Soil moisture: 75

Yearly garden calendar: 111

Recycling resources: 165-167


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