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Operators of Public Space by migrod
February 26, 2010, 10:32 am
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A feel-good story about a park-deficient neighborhood of LavapiĆ©s in Madrid, and the patient struggle of a local group known as “Operators of Public Space”, composed of neighbors, designers, and community organizations to turn a vacant lot into a community park.

The project’s energy came under plentiful stress as city government controlled the lot and any progressive utilization of its use without the council’s consent and participation. Operators of Public Space’s persistence and patience ultimately paid off; Its initial activation phase of capturing the space started by having scheduled weekly gatherings for communal breakfasts and discussions eventually moved from the sidewalk to the other side of the fence.

In addition to these congregations, simple suggestive signage stating “This is a Plaza” was introduced to in the vacant lot to provoke further discussions.

After the long battle, soil has now been delivered to the site for planting.

Please read the full story and follow the progress at